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General Counsel Services

General Counsel Services

What is a General Counsel?


A general counsel is a lawyer that works for a business to provide legal services, including reviewing of contracts, leases, and all legal instruments, providing legal representation year-round, and contributing to corporate strategy.

How does having a General Counsel save costs?


A general counsel provides businesses with significant cost savings by providing year-round legal services, providing better organization of legal work, reviewing all legal documents and obligations, assisting with statutory compliance, and other legal work, all at reduced hourly fees for service. 


Many companies have in-house general counsel.  That attorney works exclusively for that company and is on that company's payroll.  Every company needs a general counsel but not every company needs one in-house.  Having me on retainer as your general counsel provides you with the same legal services at a significantly lower financial cost to you. I am not on your payroll, I charge only for the services that are performed.


How are Services Provided?


I provide our general counsel services on a client by client basis.  I will review your company's needs and structure my services according to those needs.  We will work together in partnership to accomplish maximum coverage for your particular needs.

What are some of the advantages of having a General Counsel?


Other advantages include, but are not limited to:
Strategic planning
Standardizing Legal Documents such as lease agreements, licensing agreements, bids, contracts, etc
Access to experience otherwise not available

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